Tattooing By Dan Ferrara
My name is Dan Ferrara,I have been tattooing since 2000.I enjoy tattooing in many styles.I prefer to do custom work,and trading feedback with my clients to conceive the ideal design for them.I've had the honor of meeting and tattooing many interesting people and working with some wonderfully talented artists and tattooers in my years of traveling the country plying my craft.I enjoy bringing the knowledge and experience I have acquired in these journeys into the creative process.Integrity,deep thought and honesty are the key components I bring into the handling of each and every tattoo I apply.I use animal cruelty free,vegan materials in my tattooing,from my pigments,to ointment and soap.
Thank you for checking out my work.I hope you enjoy what I do,and I can currently be found at Needlewurks in Saratoga Springs NY if you are interested in getting tattooed or commissioning me for a custom piece of art.

26 Congress Street
Saratoga Springs NY 12866
518 583 4044